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Trapped at Home

“Staying at home is great for school,” I exclaimed in March 2020 when school was moved to online. It is senior year 2nd semester and my classes are super easy. No more tests for the rest of the year, and I get to wake up whenever I want. Staying at home is comforting and a place I do not want to leave. Joining classe in the comfort of my home is going to be great.

“Staying at home is ok,” I muttered two months in the stay at home order. I miss my friends. I’ve been stuck at home with my family and only talking to them. I don’t even go to class because it is not mandatory, and the stuff we are learning is super easy. I walk around my neighborhood to get some fresh air because I miss the interactions with people. While walking around I keep saying to myself, “I hope COVID ends soon…”

“Staying at home sucks!” I want it to end badly. I want to go out with my friends and have fun with them, but COVID-19 prevented that. I was praying that the stay at home order would end before summer hit so at least I could have my summer. I dreamt of going to Six Flags and Hurricane Harbor riding the rides and water slides with all of them; however, this was crushed because of COVID-19. The news said that the COVID-19 stay at home order will last till 2022. I’m trapped at home. Please let me out.

“I’m trapped at home.” College of the Canyons Fall 2020 semester started, and I’m still stuck at home. I was looking forward to transitioning from high school to college, but I am robbed from this experience because of COVID-19. I once looked forward to online learning and the stay at home order, but now I see myself trapped in my house, and I need to escape home.

Nathan Hoang

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